The Experiment: Progress Report I

Well, I forgot to post progress in July and August.  That’s because I did some work in June and July then slacked off in August as life intervened.

In June, I spent about 5 hours outlining, building a couple of graphic elements and learning  how to navigate the WordPress user interface.  Then in July, I knocked out placeholder pages for the site structure.  Most have no content.  That was what I planned to do in late July and during the month of August.  I also spent some time developing content that has yet to be published.  But, my job and life got my attention and I did not back to it.

Setting up the menus and place holder pages took about 3 hours.  That puts me at about 8 hours for the entire site.  Not bad considering I now have a complete, working web site, even of the actual content is sparse.  Try that with HTML, Dreamweaver, or a commercial “site builder” application.  I would estimate less than half that time was actually spent on line with WordPress.  That’s because I made an outline of the site structure on paper (well, actually in Word) and also made notes about content for most of the pages..  That “blueprint” has made the entire process a lot smoother that it would have been without it!  I did make several changes to the original draft one I saw it “live”; but I was able to use 90% or more of the proposed structure without change.

In addition to the site posting and publishing, I have another 25 hours invested in content development.  What’s that you say?  Well, it’s what I call putting meat on the bones.  The placeholder pages are the bones, or skeleton of the site.  The content all the fascinating stuff I plan to organize and share with the world.

How much time will all this content development take?  Well, I don’t know.  I recently did most of the content for as a volunteer effort.  It took about 40 hours to pull all the content together and publish it. has more content and may be more complex, so I am guessing I have another 100+ hours of content development and publishing ahead of me.  If it starts to look like a lot more than that, I may have to pare the skeleton to fit the time I am willing to devote.

Stay tuned…

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